Transfer Nation Talks

#StudentStory | Emily Armlin | #NISTS2023 Transfer Ambassador

June 12, 2023 Transfer Nation Season 3 Episode 15
Transfer Nation Talks
#StudentStory | Emily Armlin | #NISTS2023 Transfer Ambassador
Show Notes

Dr. Heather Adams interviews Emily Armlin, #NISTS2023 Transfer Student Ambassador and recent graduate of Union College! Emily shares her transfer student story, discusses the challenges and highlights of her unique transfer experience, and touches on the ways small, private institutions can better support and grow their transfer communities.

About Our Guest

Emily Armlin is a recent graduate of Union College, where she studied biochemistry with minors in dance and psychology. After high school, she decided to enroll in a large flagship university but quickly realized that it was not the right environment for her at that time. Emily made the decision to move home and take classes at her local community college while looking for a better fit, and soon came across Union. Here she was able to find an incredible support network and community with endless opportunities, which allowed her to grow and continue to pursue all of her passions. During her time at Union, Emily served as a tour guide, transfer admissions ambassador, and orientation advisor for transfer students and helped develop new programming and resources for transfer students on campus. She really enjoyed helping new transfer students find their home at Union and sharing her experiences in hopes to provide the representation of different college pathways she wished she had seen while she was going through the transfer process. This coming fall Emily will be starting her PhD in biochemistry at the University of New Hampshire, as she continues to work towards her goal of a career in biomedical research.

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Show Credits

Host | Dr. Heather Adams

Guest | Emily Armlin

Producers | Sam Kaplan, Brandon Rodríguez

Sound Editing | Abraham Urias

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