Transfer Nation Talks

#StudentStory: Angela Kyle

March 22, 2021 Transfer Nation Season 1 Episode 22
Transfer Nation Talks
#StudentStory: Angela Kyle
Show Notes

 In this episode of the #TransferNation Videocast/Podcast; #Nontraditional, #FirstGeneration, and #ParentingStudent Angela Kyle shares about the incredible #TransferJourney that brought her to Central Washington University. After transferring from Clark College to CWU, Angela now serves as an ambassador at the Central Washington University Transfer Center and is truly a #TransferWonderWoman! Angela sheds light on how getting involved not only on campus but with her educators and advisors truly empowered her as she juggled many important roles while obtaining her degree. Angela also shares about the specific resources and programs that uplifted her as a mother and first-generation student who attended school full-time.

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